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The Palms, 2015.
The Palms, 2015.

//The Palms Motor Hotel in Portland, OR.

Last day of the Buzzing Lights Indiegogo campaign.

What a crazy, buzzing, inspiring, 30-turned-60 days. Wow. Thank you to everyone who has supported the book project. I'm daring to ask you for one more share/retweet/reblog right now so we can finish strong, but somehow I know you won't mind.

You have been amazing and that energy is what will get this project through a challenging design stage over the next few months.

I look forward to having it ready this winter and inviting you all to another retro-soundtracked launch party.

xo tt

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The Palms, 2015.Greyhound night.Carrie Brownstein.Still light self-portrait.Miss Saks is not impressed.