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Greyhound night.
Greyhound night.

//Bus terminal. Oakland, California.

Today I launched an Indiegogo campaign to turn the Buzzing Lights series into a full colour photo book.

It's officially a decade since I started shooting neon signs back along old Route 66 and the series has grown wild with colour, cities and glowing tubes. In thinking of how to best present the photos as a collection, I always end up back at the idea of a book. A large, beautiful, quirky, celebratory volume that features all the best signs from coast to coast. In my opinion, it'd be worth much more than one glossy enlargement print or few shots mounted to a wall. It's a time capsule of this fading world... and a really good-looking one at that. So, I've decided to make it. I'm raising funds to be able to print and promote it over the next few months, and I hope you'll jump on board.

Watch the video and read more over on Indiegogo.

2015-05-12 // Categories: [Noir]  [Retro]  [The Streets]  [Travels]  

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