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a familiar re-entrance.
a familiar re-entrance.

//Entrance of the New Brunswick House, now under re-re-renovation. (Nikon 8800)

My rage today has been paramount... as a number of you might already know. Just as I was contemplating leaving them, the horrible hosting company that once held DoubleCrossed, officially screwed me over.

Yesterday I lost my entire site, all my entries, write-ups, and yes, all your wonderful comments. This posting should have been my 100th, instead it is my new 1st. I'm with a new company now and am trying to get everything set up again. It's been heartbreaking. I may re-post the old photos if I can manage to track it all down, but i have no record of much else. For now, I promise to be better at backing up in the future. I also promise to do my best to spread the word about the garbage service and heinous staff at

2005-07-05 // Categories: [Noir]  [Toronto]  

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