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do not rock.
do not rock.

//Danger, do not rock #9. Ferris Wheel car on St. Clair Ave West. Nikon 8800.

Spent the day travelling the city working on a photo series (promise, I'll show you soon). All I can say, is thank God for Steph going all the way to Pickering to get her father's van. She was the hero of the adventure.

Between lugging our key 'prop' to various areas, we also ran head into two massive FIRE sites! The city was ablaze! Got a close look at the big black fire on Davenport and took a few pics as we squeezed in and around without inhaling too much ashy air. My most interesting shot turns out not to be of the fire but a couple of >> onlookers <<.

As for the image above, all I can say is that I decided to live by those words tonight after my significant other went off on me. Didn't say much, let alone start any new fires... after all, my new insomnia hasn't exactly made me a sweet pea. I'd planted those seeds of discord I suppose.

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