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broken down.
broken down.

//vintage truck in Seligman, Arizona.

Monday morning brings just one last picture from the road trip. This photo is actually somewhat fitting with how I'm about to start my week: with a phone call to my cell phone provider (Fido!) to find out why my service was abruptly cancelled late yesterday, for no real reason, thus rendering my phone a shiney but useless brick. Doublecrossed's # is now apparently "unassigned" if you try and ring me... not good for business at all.

In other repair themed news: I hear your pain about the site being slow for the past while. I've optimized the database (and am shopping for a new host), so hopefully, you should see some improvements today... hopefully...

2008-01-28 // Categories: [Retro]  [Rust]  [Travels]  

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