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frozen still.
frozen still.

//trees along the highway in South-Western Ontario.

Have been awake for two frosty days running, covered in blankets and taking some hazy solace in the fact that some work has been accomplished during this marathon... and if affects you too. Those concerned viewers who've written me about server issues over the past couple months will be happy to hear that I've officially migrated Doublecrossed over to a new server. The domain will switch over at some point today or early tomorrow and when it does, you'll see a new, simple design as well as FASTER response from the server (so stop you're whining! *kiddin kiddin*). Well, at least I hope so... I shelled out a handful of very handsome pennies to make this happen.

See ya on the flipside.

2008-02-13 // Categories: [Nature]  [Scenic]  [Travels]  

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