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the 47 loop.
the 47 loop.

//bus stop(s) at Lansdowne & St Clair West.

On Wednesday, I realized I still had trip photos on a roll of film in my Holga and decided to finish it off on the way down to the lab.

This is the first stop on the way, the corner of Lansdowne & St Clair, where the 47 Lansdowne bus picks up passengers. If only it was that simple though. This stop is also the worst example of TTC efficiency I've ever known... and has been for years.

The problem here is that you have the 47 bus and the 47B/C. The 47 comes up from Queen and goes into the loop at St Clair. The 47B/C continues north to Yorkdale, bypassing the loop. If you are waiting at St Clair to head south, both busses will pass the streetside stop on their identical way down, BUT the 47 will not pick up passengers on the street. You have to get on it in the loop - a half block over. If you are at the street stop it will keep its doors shut, no matter how hard you knock at the door.

Commuters not from this area always get left behind. Locals who understand the ridiculous setup have developed a silent system whereby we wait ALL OVER THE STREET. As you can see in the pic, some people are waiting by me -- at the stop, while some with kids are hovering in the middle of the block, and others, like the lady in the white hooded coat are even futher along, looking into the loop. If I see the bus, I'll walk up the curb and those near the loop will see me and run over. If I see the loop people head into the loop, I'll run over there (and watch for that ice, eh). Today, the loop driver blazed through the loop making no stop and then pulled over on the street, let us in, lecturing everyone that he isn't really supposed to stop here but is being 'nice'.

Thankfully, there are a few 'nice' drivers... I'm thinking it's more that they just have some kind of heart. The early morning bastard who leaves all the little old ladies freezing in his dust because they can't run between stops... well, he can't possibly last long, 'cause you know they are all just throwing him their meanest evil eye... and I'll bet those things can add up over the course of a career, y'know?

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