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one complete rotation.
one complete rotation.

//'Junior', the lil bike of dreams, parked in a College St lane. (Holga w/ Polaroid back, BW film.)

On Monday, I mentioned a photo series I was working on. This is the first installment. I am actualy torn between the shot above (w/ the chemical side that forms the mirror) and THIS ONE. I enjoy the 'alternate' far more, but wanted to post the mirrored pair. I'll share a few more over the next week or so.

For some background, 'junior' is a old children's bicycle (circa 1930's-1950's) which I borrowed from a man who lives across my back alley. He was clearing out his garage and I saw it in there... a few hours later it was in my garage with a promise to return it to him when I'm done. Steph and I took it around the city on fire Sunday until I'd found the 'right' locations for some shots. There are digital, holga, holgaroid and lomo 35mm images involved.

2005-07-14 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Objects]  [Rust]  [The Streets]  [Toronto]  [Vintage Film]  

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