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//broken window at the entrance of Spadina Station.

Ah, yesterday. After attending a wake for my dear neighbour Lucia, a woman who was closest thing to a grandmother I'd ever really had, I came home to find no time for mourning. A tidal wave of e-mails had hit my inbox.

The TTC (Toronto's mass public transit) irresponsibly decided to go on strike at midnight (it was past 10pm already), thus leaving thousands of people stranded on a Friday night. Thankfully, one of our writers at blogTO volunteered to post the story -- and fast enough to be first with it. Response was so huge that I decided to head out to photograph the aftermath.

Now, if this was Montreal, I'd probably have photos of mass riots to share, but here, the scene was just messy sidewalks strewn with loitering teenagers trying to phone their parents for a safe ride, tired and angry commuters trying to walk their way home and a few ragefully broken windows, like this one, at one of the busier subway stations.

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