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asserting caution.
asserting caution.

//Street produce vendor taking shelter from the rain + the police. Lomo LC-A.

Processed this set of prints at my new lab job, then came home to process some 120mm B+W stuff overnight... wasn't too happy with some of those results as there seemed to be some problems with the chems. Regardless, there are few keepers I'll be sharing.

Also helped Steph set up her first photoblog tonight... whether or not she'll keep it up will have to be seen. You can have a peek at the first familiar-looking post here: GRAVITAS_PHOTOBLOG.

2005-07-25 // Categories: [The Streets]  [Toronto]  [Vintage Film]  

boop boop bee doo.freeze frame, break 4.asserting to walk all over.west side sunset.