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thrills this way
thrills this way

As promised, I'll have the long-awaited Coney Island photos this week.

Seeing Coney again before any future disneyfication of the park was one of the driving forces behind this fall's trip to NY. When I arrived there on the Sunday afternoon, it could not have been more grey and muted. The clouds soaked up every shadow and memory, leaving nothing to see but the skeletons of summer days on the shore. I shot a few desolate images of the landscape and just hoped that if I kept walking, eventually I might have a few moments of sun-peeking-through-cloud to record to film.

An hour in, Steph and I decided to enter the amusement park from the boardwalk and get a closer look at the Wonder Wheel. I snapped a couple photos, trying to incorporate nearby colours in an effort to wake the view up a bit. Then, seeing an oldschool photobooth on my left, I dropped everything and dragged Steph over to shoot a few portrait strips with me. 3 sets later, we pulled back the curtain and emerged to find the whole sky had gone BLUE. I stood shocked in the face of that brilliant hue, and rushed to unpack a couple of nearly discarded old lens filters meant to capture all that magical light and colour.

I've posted a before/after image of the sky to Flickr.

(And if you're wondering, the photograph posted here today is processed through a sepia-brown filter -- which is the style I've done the entire series in.)

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