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birds of a feather.
birds of a feather.

//The Canary Restaurant, Toronto. Nikon 8800.

Shot this photo before Saturday got a lil crazy...
Went out on Sat evening to see a Comedy Inc taping down in the East end. As we sat waiting in the 'holding area', all of a sudden someone said, "You wanna go to the beach instead?" "Really?" "Yeah".

4 hours later, we were looking up at the night stars at Lake Huron -- ie. Sauble Beach. We stayed the night up there and then hit the beach the next day. Totally unprepared but spontaneously wonderful. Hence, there was no post on Sunday. I'll get a beach picture up (if any are decent) when I get another underwater camera roll processed.

2005-08-08 // Categories: [Retro]  [Rust]  [The Streets]  [Toronto]  

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