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grey and yellow.
grey and yellow.

//looking up 10th Ave in Manhattan.

I've officially finished up with my images from NYC (even scanned in a couple rolls of black & white film), so expect to see a handful more before the screen switches back to views of Toronto. Actually, you can probably expect to see some Montreal, Canada photos showing up before we get back to regular programming around here as I'll be there with a couple friends this coming weekend.

If you missed yesterday's post, the Coney Island series has been uploaded to Flickr (remember to click 'Options' and de-select the 'embiggens' box).

NEWS: The North York Central Library will be hosting a month-long exhibit of my photos in November. I'll be hanging 17 large works at some point this week. Details to come.

2008-10-27 // Categories: [The Streets]  [Travels]  

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