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chemical reaction.
chemical reaction.

//Dance Yourself to Death on stage at Supermarket in Toronto.

With no intentions of even shooting a photo of the band, I set out tonight with an old 35mm rangefinder loaded with very expired black & white film. Not only that, but the camera predates the invention of this type of film, so the two don't really communicate well in terms of reading light. Yet there I was and, well, a habit is a habit. Compelled to try a couple shots, I wound up tucking the $10 hunk of metal under my arm, while I used a 3000 dollar digital camera as a light meter. All to try and manage some gritty black & whites. Really. Appreciate the irony, friends.

Digitally, I shot two test frames. You're looking at both, combined in a digital double exposure. The sum of all parts, really. Further irony? I think I like this better than anything I shot on the film.

NEWS: Two of my print-on-canvas pieces will are part of Photorama 2008, Gallery TPW's 22nd Annual Sale of Contemporary Photo-based Art. The sale runs til December 6th.

ALSO, The North York Central Library is currently hosting a month-long exhibit of my black & white work that ENDS THIS WEEKEND! I'm tearing down the show on Sunday, so catch it while you can. Full details here.

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