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they come in 3's
they come in 3's

//triple-exposure on Ilford Delta 3200 ISO expired black & white film (that's a mouthful).

Walking down Queen West the other day, my hands were freezing as they gripped the old chrome of my Voigtlander. I was snapping photos in a mad effort to finish this roll of film... but it JUST WOULDN'T END. Meeting with Steph along the way, she tried to help by taking a portrait of me, but still nothing. Taking the camera back, I decided I'd had it. I popped the rewind knob and started cranking it back as I walked into the local lab, West Camera.

Last night, I picked up the negs and low and behold, they were a semi-beautiful mess of bad photos featuring all kinds of film winding issues. Frame 36 is this shot here. It's the last three photos we took on the street before I gave up, all exposed over each other. Queen & Augusta St, Stephanie and myself. What did you see first?

2009-01-09 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Vintage Film]  

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