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stay warm. cover your head.
stay warm. cover your head.

//jen & sorrell trading in their toques for summer hats before last night's Rock Band living room performance.

The blackout here in Toronto wound up lasting 24 hours for many of my friends nearby, leaving them no choice but to go from location to location all day long to keep from freezing their tail off at home. In the evening, I was happy to host a few of them at my place for what someone later dubbed an unofficial "HEAT" party. With the furnace on high, a borrowed video game system, home-made hot chocolate (thanks Carolyn!) and lots of music, it was easy to forget about the ridiculous situation outside the windows. We even wound up writing a little ode to Toronto Hydro, but the lyrics are a little too "colourful" to post here... sorry!

2009-01-17 // Category: [Black & White]  

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