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insurgent refuge.
insurgent refuge.

//Steph, amidst the ruins of St. James'. Nikon 8800.

Took this photograph as Stephanie and I hid quietly, listening for sounds of someone approaching. We were ankle deep in rubble at the ruins of St. James, one of Canada's oldest Black congregations, established by slaves who escaped via the Underground Railroad. Year's after arson claimed nearly every square foot, it seems it is never going to be rebuilt. Billboards that form a new surrounding fence advertise coming townhomes. The area certainly doesn't need any new cookie-cutter homes -- especially on such historic ground. More photos to come.

p.s. update on the Sauble Beach/Lake Huron photos: Not worth posting. ;)

2005-08-17 // Categories: [Portraits]  [Rust]  [Toronto]  

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