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do not adjust your set. the colour is this vivid.
do not adjust your set. the colour is this vivid.

//John Caffery of the band, Kids on TV, performing at Toronto Pride 2009.

Arrived in Montreal last night and haven't had time to transfer road photos, so here's another shot from Pride Toronto celebrations a few days ago. Today, I kick off a 4-day run at the Festival International Montreal en Arts - Montreal's massive outdoor art show - which coincides with the world reknown Montreal Jazz Fest.

Unfortunately, I am heading out there with much trepidation, as the weather looks like thunderstorms for at least two days straight. Rain and paper-based art don't mix so well, as you can imagine. Here's hoping that with Steph T's help, I can hold the show together and not wind up losing work to the elements. Wish us luck.

NEWS: As mentioned above I am exhibiting in Montreal, QC as part of FIMA, this Thursday through Sunday, 12pm-10pm. Look for me in booth #97 along Ste-Catherines, near Rue Plessis.

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