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National Steel
National Steel

//art deco landmark in industrial Hamilton, ON.

We sat (half-illegally) by the side of the road in a sort of stakeout... or perhaps a vigil. Security kept an eye on us (half-seriously), as we sat. We were waiting. Like most photographs, what you see in your imagination is usually possible if you are willing to wait reality out. In the passenger seat, I was hoping the sun might finally give up clinging to a cloud of thick smoke (read: pollution) that had draped itself across the dusty Hamilton sky. Some half hour in(and finally), it inched down close enough to the earth that the setting rays were able to strain through and sear the stunning old art deco facade before us... and for the next few minutes, it sparkled like new.

Another view here.

2009-07-31 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Retro]  [Travels]  

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