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the remains.
the remains.

//tiny graveyard - all that's left of Inistioge, Ontario.

Came across this strange and scenic little spot on the way up to the Sauble Beach area this past weekend. Unsure of why the graves were all lined up together on this little patch of ground, I had Steph T pull over so I could walk up to the site to have a look around. The headstones belong almost exclusively to Irish settlers, many of which from County Tyrone, Ireland. Looking up Inistioge when I returned home, I discovered that this is actually more than a cemetery. It's literally the placemarker for the ghost town of Inistioge. Founded in 1851 by a settler from Inistioge, Ireland, it lasted only about a century, withering away in 1971. A little background is available on

2009-08-12 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Travels]  

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