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SX-70 in the sun.
SX-70 in the sun.

//visitor to the Doublecrossed booth at the Queen West Art Crawl yesterday afternoon.

It was a long day at the Crawl yesterday but a brilliant one. Wonderful people and beautiful weather are a sweet combination... the latter being a rare feature this summer too. Still, two days on your feet is hard to shake off, so I'm posting this shot before a long and hard-earned extended nap. I won't be takin' calls til well into Monday afternoon. ;)

This photo was made on a vintage Polaroid SX-70 I had out for the day. Some shots wound up washed out by all the bright sun pouring into the lens, but I think they're pretty insta-magical, no less. If you are one of the folks who smiled for a photo, click here to see a few of the others on Flickr.

Voted 2009 Best Local Artist/Photographer by readers of Xtra! Magazine in Toronto.

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