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//autumn sunset colours the last bit of fading brush.

Travelled up to Cheltenham, ON yesterday (more photos tomorrow) to take advantage of some more beautiful autumn light. We've been really lucky around here to have had the last couple weeks so bright and warm (at least light-wise) -- especially for November. The glow is completely intoxicating. Really. I'm so drunk on it I'm even doing some nature photography... and enjoying the results.

By the way, this is titled "take-me-with-yous" because that's what I call this flower/plant. I have no idea what it's real name is but it attaches itself to any woolly fabric that touches it. I had 'em all over my old camera strap by the time I was back in the car. (Feel free to enlighten me should you know their proper name.)

NEWS This week, I launched a new blog called, Not My Father's Slides. It's completely dedicated to found, rescued and donated slides and will feature images dating back as far as the 1940's.

2009-11-12 // Categories: [Nature]  [Travels]  

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