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fillin' up at the Downsview.
fillin' up at the Downsview.

//cup of coffee at the Downsview Restaurant in NW Toronto.

Today's image is another shot from my stop at the Downsview diner this week. It was a great little spot for a trip back in time over fries and a burger. Chatting with our waitress, Betty, who is also one of the owners, I learned that they're nearing their 60th anniversary in business.

"Wow, congratulations... and this is all still original, huh?" I asked while looking around at the vintage appliances and decor.

"All original. Even the waitress is original!" she replied with a grin, as the regulars burst into laughter.

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2009-11-30 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Food]  [Noir]  [Retro]  

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