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shadowman vs loft tetris.
shadowman vs loft tetris.

//Loft building on the Bathurst Quay and a passerby. Nikon 8800.

On to day three -- the final day -- of "Photobloggers, Unplugged". The past week has been a whirlwind of learning -- the weekend a whirlwind of loving. So many friends, strangers, and those somewhere in between have come out this weekend to check out the exhibit. ~sigh~ It's been pretty inspiring.

Yesterday, Sean and I spent the afternoon at the gallery meeting countless folks who came in off the street or heard about it from whoever. It's been difficult to get the show promoted with how last minute it all came together, and we haven't had as much support as we would have liked from online colleagues, but hey, it's gone even better than we'd imagined. Thanks to all who visited, shared their thoughts, experiences, camera stories, tips, kuddos, etc. Special thanks to those who supported us by buying prints as well. We can't wait to send you home with them.

If you haven't dropped by yet, stop into the Magic Pony Gallery (785 Queen St West) between 12-6pm today.

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