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corner blue, at Sadie's.
corner blue, at Sadie's.

//chair at Sadie's Diner on Adelaide West in Toronto.

Pull up a seat, 'cause I've got news today! First off, today marks the launch of, Yonge Street - a new weekly online magazine focusing on Toronto's fresh thinkers and innovators. I've taken on the role of Managing Photographer, which means I'll be shooting and sources images for the mag every week. Should be interesting as it takes me back to my photojournalism roots - a sort of work I haven't done on such a regular basis since '04.

More news: Unrelated, tomorrow evening is the opening night of GalleryDK's Best of 2009 exhibit. This show will be a retrospective of some of the gallery's favourite exhibits of the last year. Two pieces from the Mind's Eye series I showed with Georgia Kristoffersen back in March will be on display. Yes, I'll be there, so drop by and say hello - 1332 Queen Street West, Toronto.

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three quarter sampler.corner blue, at Sadieno home for the Windstar.8mm time machine.