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paint me clean.
paint me clean.

//Tub at Coach House Press. Nikon 8800.

This shot is from a few months ago at Doors Open. Renewed my love for it when printing it today, fresh, for the exhibit.

For those of you in Toronto, today is the big kickoff to ArtsWeek at the TD Centre Courtyard. There are going to be a number of exhibitors, as well as live entertainment from Ashley MacIsaac, Andy Stochansky, Belladonna, Justin Rutledge, Lori Cullen and others. The whole thing is hosted by Kevin Frankish and should be a blast. Sean and I will be in Booth #95, next to the acoustic stage and the cow/bull statues... come by and say hello!

2005-09-22 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Rust]  [Toronto]  

again, with feeling.Justin Rutledge.paint me should be red.