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farewell to the Big Bop.
farewell to the Big Bop.


From "new wave" to "new rock" and every cranked-to-11 movement in between, the Big Bop was an indie rock institution in Toronto.
When a Starbucks dared to open it's doors across the street in recent years, we dared not believe that the end was nigh. Then CBGB's gave up it's ground in NYC and that invincible punk spirit faltered. So when the Big Bop suddenly closed it's doors in 2010 with news that a Crate & Barrel would take over the building, we could only sigh and watch a few last aging kids in studded jackets spray their goodbyes on the stripped brick facade. The corner of Bathurst & Queen West without a rowdy crowd of punks will be a strange, strange place.
There goes the neighbourhood.

More images of the building on Flickr.

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