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//what's left of a statue on Lansdowne Ave.

Doublecrossed comrade and collaborator, Steph T, mentioned these claw remnants to me once, months ago, thinking they'd make for an interesting photo. Problem was, she couldn't recall where she'd seen 'em. Then, when she finally remembered, we passed by and seeing what it was she was talking about, I had to admit defeat as I didn't have a camera along that could focus at close distances. The weeks passed and we both mostly forgot about them. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when, in her absence, I happened to walk by and see them in this frozen, late-winter grip on the concrete pillar. This time I had some four cameras in tow...

2010-03-08 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [Black & White]  [Toronto]  

FOOD.milk and spilled, and arches