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faded in the sun.
faded in the sun.

//patio at the Beaver Cafe yesterday afternoon.

This one fits the bill. The weather could not have been more beautiful yesterday but everything just seemed so muted.
I was on my way to The Raging Spoon to leave some flowers, only to hear that friends were congregating there. When I arrived, it was a heartbreaking and somber scene. I thought I could be strong for the others, but my nature as an empath just cut in and left me in tears behind my sunglasses as the communal sorrow radiated out into the street.

Meanwhile, another friend arriving on the scene pointed out that high above the cafe, a rainbow had flashed across the sky.

My current exhibit, Between Black & White: A Portrait of Transgender Toronto, is currently on hold as The Raging Spoon (761 Queen St W, Toronto) closes its doors in honour of the death of Liz 'Luscious' Baxter. Rest in peace, Luscious.

On now at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in Rochester, NY is the 6x6x2010 group show. I've got a couple 6"x6" squares in the mix.

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lucas in dresses.faded in the in peace, dear Luscious Baxter.ill sunday best.