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queen west divide.
queen west divide.

//Camera bar and the Beaver Cafe patio in Toronto.

Brought a roll of 35mm into a cheap lab last night just to get the negs developed in a hurry. Wound up with a batch of negatives that were sliced up right through the actual images. I couldn't believe my eyes. After the rage subsided, I looked for some kind of beauty in the mess... This is my favourite victim. (Shot on an Olympus OM-1 with some expired kodak film in the gears.)

NEWS: My most recent exhibit, Between Black & White: A Portrait of Transgender Toronto, has been retired early as The Raging Spoon closes its doors in honour of dearest Liz 'Luscious' Baxter (RIP). My apologies to those who were hoping to see it in the coming weeks. I have moved the photos into an online gallery for the time being. If I find another host for the live show, I'll post info for you here.

2010-06-25 // Categories: [Toronto]  [Vintage Film]  

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