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Under blue twilight
Under blue twilight

//Steph on the swings at Christie Pits in Toronto.

Took this photo on Tuesday night when out shooting a quick assignment for Now magazine. I needed an image of someone stargazing on these swings, so at twilight I set to try out a few different things (including this shot), looking to find the right mood.

A little later on, as the night sky turned a deeper indigo, our favourite Doublecrossed muse, Georgia K, joined us in the park. Now with an extra set of hands, I got out a flashlight and decided to try to add a dream element with some light-painting. Georgia took the spot on the swing and Stephanie quickly danced around her, twirling a flashlight, while I shot long exposures. Her hilarious firefly dance did just the trick. You can see the final result over at Now.

2010-07-26 // Category: [Toronto]  

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