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a boy and his snail.
a boy and his snail.

//Giant pink snail along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, FL. December 2010. (Kodachrome 64)

2010, sadly, was the historic final year for Kodachrome. In thinking of how to commemorate the epic film stock, I came up with a long list of possible projects and schemes, but in the end decided to pursue none. You see, I had fallen in love with Kodachrome in someone else’s dusty basement, looking at photos of personal travels and colourful lives past. I wanted a little piece of that magic for my own life.

So then, it became the “year of Kodachrome” and I took the film with me on every little voyage -- even if only for one picture. Steph T would go so far as to wear colourful plaid shirts on every excursion, just because they'd look good on film should I point the camera her way.

As the year wound down, the weather here in Toronto grew dark and grey. I desperately needed some sunny skies to do the last film some justice. After searches for cheap last-minute flights turned up nothing, I inquired with a couple local driveaway car agencies I'd dealt with before and found just the ticket. With mere days left in December, we dropped everything and hit the road to Florida to finish off my very last roll of Kodachrome.

I've uploaded images from the year to a slideshow. Uncropped and chronological, this is as close as we can get to you sitting here in the studio as I run the projector. You can also see them on Flickr.

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