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crying out in a sea of voices.
crying out in a sea of voices.

//a particular magazine rack at Chapters on John St. Nikon 8800.

Yesterday was just one of those days... nothing necessarily spurred it but I just felt (feel) so creatively choked and frustrated. Instead of seeing Hysteria, I ended up with friends at Chapters Books -- tearing up at the boredom of it.
Standing in front of this rack I found two magazines (both in the pictured mess) that I appear in at some level (photograph, poetry, headline). I stood there realizing how much it meant to me yet how little to anyone else.
Then I put down the book i was going to buy and walked away.

2005-11-06 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Objects]  [Toronto]  

showing some leg.a reminder to drink those 8 glasses a day.crying out in a sea of voices.slipping between the cracks.faded blue skies