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i think you'd better call tyrone...
i think you'd better call tyrone...

//T-Rexxx on stage in the CBC Atrium. Nikon 8800.

Was asked to take a few shots of the event happening in the CBC Atrium and without even knowing it, the subjects ended up being a couple guys I went to high school with (and haven't seen in years). Small world. Pictured here is Tyrone, who I remember so well because 1) he is a sweetie and 2) in response to so many subsitute-teachers calling me "Tangia" out loud, he started calling me "Ganja" and several 'concerned' teachers were always suspicious of my habits from that point.

News: The 2005 Canadian Blog Awards are now open for Round 1 of voting. You can cast your ballot once a day... and you know what category to find me in. ;) Thanks always for the support.

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