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//Portraitist at last night's xmas party. Nikon 8800.

At a client's Christmas party last night, this artist was hired to do some portraits. Steph was pretty set on having him draw us so we sat down and in moments we were on our way with a little artwork in tow. I should scan it in, but it's really late and I need some rest... e-mail if you'd like to see. ;)

NEWS: THAAAAANK YOU to everyone who voted for this site in the Canadian Blog Awards. First round results were just annouced and I made the short-list! Sure, I've got no chance of beating cult-followed blogs like Sam's but it's really kinda nice all the same. 2nd round begins on Saturday.

2005-12-02 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Events]  [Noir]  [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

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