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blind carnival.
blind carnival.

//Hooded with vintage accordion. Nikon 8800.

"i had to throw down my accordion, to get away from the police." -Be Good Tanyas, Light Enough To Travel
Had two dreams this weekend that I can remember. One involved my friends and I, a large suitcase, and the NKOTB (now goths) in a NYC subway station. I won't get into that one. The other was a darker one in which I was at some sort of carnival tent and just outside stood a hooded woman, playing a concertina. I wasn't sure if she was young or old, someone else or me, because I think I was blind in spite of my looking. Setting up the backdrop as best I could, I decided to try and capture her with a series of photos before this dream too went forgotten.

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2005-12-05 // Categories: [Noir]  [Portraits]  [Toronto]  

the other side of the more pose before i go.blind carnival.bare.letting the girls push her around.