lights offlights on
the other side of the tracks...
the other side of the tracks...

//West end tracks. Horizon 202 panoramic.

Walked past this scene again last night as I went to pick up some last minute things for the trip. The image was taken a few weeks ago on the Horizon cam which will hopefully shine on this trip.

The schedule beginning today:
Day 1: Bethlehem, West V + Lexington, Kentucky
Day 2: Nashville, TN
Day 3: Memphis, TN + Oklahoma
Day 4: All ovah Oklahoma + Amarillo, TX
Day 5: Texas + Albuquerque, NM + Arizona
Day 6: The Grand Canyon + Chloride, AZ + Lake Havasu City
Day 7: Into Cali and down to San Diego
Day 8: Joshua Tree + Las Vegas
Day 9: North Cali + San Francisco
Day 10: San Fran
Day 11: San Fran
Day 12: Big Sur + coast + L.A. + Hollywood
Day 13: Helendale + Barstow + Las Vegas

After we touch base in Kentucky tonight, I'll (hopefully) be posting a shot.
Others will go into a Flickr album (yes, i've finally signed up.)

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