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Greyhound exploits.
Greyhound exploits.

//Dog race track in West Virginia. Nikon 8800.

End of Day 1 and I'm exhausted. I've been on my notebook comp for a few hours now trying to install something/anything that will let me convert RAW files to JPG but I've had no luck. My version of Photoshop is a bust and the Windows RAW viewer won't work out either. As a result, all my favourite shots (taken in RAW for a reason) are currently inaccessible. BAH. Hopefully I'll get this resolved by tomorrow.

This shot was taken late this eve in West Virginia. We decided to see what the big dog races (advertised on the interstate) were like. The place was pretty dead and those who actually were there (at the slots or the races) were strictly 80+. It was creepy. Paul placed a $2 so we could watch the race, his dog won, and he walked away with $7.80. We were there all of 10 mins. Felt too awful for the animals... I suppose at least they get to hang out with other pups and eat the best dog foods.... still though.

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2005-12-08 // Categories: [Events]  [Scenic]  [Travels]  

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