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yonder star.
yonder star.

//Huge lit crucifix amidst the desert hills, miles outside of Oatman, AZ. Nikon 8800, 60 second shutter.

On Day 6 of the cross-america road trip we ending up turning off the interstate onto "Old" Route 66 towards Oatman. Never in my life have I been driving along a more insane piece of night road... we're talking hairpin turns around cliffs with no guardrail or light of any kind -- frighting and thrilling, as you might imagine.

At one point, we saw a massive crucifix all lit up in the distance so we pulled over. Once my eyes had adjusted to the moonlight I could see the expanse pictured above and decided it was worth trying to capture. This was shot from the roof of the car as I huddled in front by the headlights, watched for snakes and coyotes, and let the shutter hang open for 60 long seconds. It isn't half as breathtaking as the memory, but considering the circumstances, I'm quite proud of it.

I post this for Christmas, because the whole while we were driving, we just kept following this bright south-western star which shone in the direction we were travelling... it was both a navigator and a consolation when we weren't sure the desert would ever end.

2005-12-25 // Categories: [Nature]  [Scenic]  [Travels]  

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