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angle seeker.
angle seeker.

//Tyler, staff photographer at the Post, goes low for a different angle. Nikon 8800.

Was interviewed yesterday by David, a fresh new pen at the National Post. While I think I gave him the most scattered tape to transcribe this weekend, there's no going back, so I'll have to live with what I've said. (psst, e-mail me if i can clarify anything!). Afterwards, Tyler, staff photographer shooting images for the piece, showed up to try and capture a portrait of me within my neighbourhood. We made a bit of a spectacle of ourselves on a streetcar median at St. Clair n Dufferin and later got yelled at by a bar owner where I snapped the above shot from knee level while trying to pose.

Afterwards, it was off on a hunt for 5x7 frames for 3x5 images -- all for Spacing's "In Transit" exhibition happening this month. I found nothing quite right anywhere, though came closest at Wal-Mart of all places -- I hate it when they win.

The next phase of the day ended all of an hour ago at 4am as I spent the rest of the evening at a couple friends' place where an innocent board game turned into one heck of a late night of gaming, chatting and bad white wine. Divulged a little more than I generally would, but all in good company. Thanks for the invite, ladies.

Finally, because it's not over and I feel like typing, I cabbed home, walked up my steps, and at the top step was hit by a big chunk of snow falling from the roof square onto my head. I laughed my frozen face off, crept inside, and looking in the hall mirror realized that my (damp) fallen hair hadn't looked so good in years. I should have taken a photo. Isn't that always the case.

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