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enter the exotic world museum.
enter the exotic world museum.

//our shadows before the front gates of Exotic World in Helendale, CA. Horizon 202 + red filter.

Finished scanning in the final roll of panoramic negs from the road trip. They're currently transferring into a Flickr gallery as I write this, so feel free to have a peek at the rest of the set (slideshow mode is your best bet.) There are larger sized versions you can access there as well.

Blog related news: the mother of all international blog awards, the 2006 Bloggies are now accepting nominations in a number of categories. Don't forget your local photoblogger... and blogTO while you're at it. ;)

2006-01-08 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Panoramic]  [Scenic]  [Travels]  

Two Guns through four.enter the exotic world museum.angle seeker.nose dive.