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one through four.
one through four.

//peering in on the cockpit. Nikon 8800.

No, I haven't taken off on another voyage. I'm actually doing the complete opposite...spending a few days alone and under a little self-imposed house arrest to get new ideas flowing, work done, books read and writing accomplished. This photo was taken aboard Elvis Presley's smaller jet in Memphis, Tennessee - late December - as I continue to develop trip photos (it never ends).

Something I managed to fix in the past couple nights is the ARCHIVE section of the site. It's now bug free and functional by date or category. Browse away.

Blog related news: the mother of all international blog awards, the 2006 Bloggies are now accepting nominations in a number of categories. Don't forget your local photoblogger... and blogTO while you're at it. ;)

2006-01-09 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Objects]  [Retro]  [Travels]  

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