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//pint-sized chihuahua at my place. Nikon 8800.

I know few people in this city who don't have furry pets. I can probably count them on one hand, actually. I include myself in that count. No, I'm not much of an animal person -- well, at least not a dog person -- so when Joseph showed up yesterday asking me to babysit his gf's chihuahua, I was hesitant. Then I looked down at the shivering puppy that walked up and sat down in front of me and was instantly suckered into saying yes. All day long, it slept. It woke at periods when I had to lower it from my lap to the floor for issues of necessary movement, but soon after would whine to be up on my lap again (the floor is freezing) and I didn't have much choice but to oblige (and sit). Seeing then as we were attached, I decided I might as well take some photos. Had to use the gnome. Had to.

NEWS: Looks like the National Post 'My Toronto' column on yours truly (mentioned last Saturday) is to be published in this coming Saturday's issue.

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