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sweet tribute to a lens cap.
sweet tribute to a lens cap.

//honey bear amidst condiments at Joe and Aggie's in Holbrook, AZ. Nikon 8800.

My lens cap shouldn't be in this picture. I don't think I even really paid much attention to it when snapping the shot that morning at dawn while waiting for my breakfast. Yet, if I allow myself to think that perhaps it had a mind of its own, then it surely snuck in, wanting its cameo before we would be parted, forever.

You see, that was our final morning together. Hours later in the thick black night of the Arizona desert, only the moon would see me drop it somehow or set it on the hood of the car while dancing around on the edge of a cliff. I only realized it miles down the road when going to put the camera away, I found my pockets were quite empty. There was no way to go back.

So, there it lies (probably still) waiting for a photographer to come along and think of capturing the vista, only to stumble upon a lens cap and wonder in horror what might have happened to she who came before.

2006-01-15 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Objects]  [Retro]  [Travels]  

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