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no boys on this here elevation.
no boys on this here elevation.

//graffiti on an old factory door in the Liberty Village district. Nikon 8800.

Despite the bitterly cold winds yesterday, I managed to shoot a few photos (before my digits went that familiar purple) and thought I'd start the week off with a Toronto post before I slip in a couple more trip shots (that are bound to come up as sorting continues). I don't have a good story behind this one like I did yesterday. There's a lot of unknown at work here.

I'm curious to know what this message was intended to mean by its writer... heh. Thought it was awesome, regardless. It is some kind of macho statement differentiating boys from men or was that doorway once the entrance to an undercover 1940's lesbian nightclub that opened doors once the factory closed up for the evening? (grin.) Back to reality: I used a little zoom to get closer to the writing which is well off the ground.

NEWS:This Thursday (Jan 19th) @ 7pm, In Transit - a gallery exhibition that captures Toronto on the move, opens at the Toronto Free Gallery. Presented by the good folks at Spacing, the exhibit will run until Feb 28th. 5 of my photographs will be featured in this amazing show. Stopped by today to mount the prints and got a sneak peek... it's looking great.

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