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mid january toll.
mid january toll.

//Clocktower at Upper Canada College in Toronto. Nikon 8800, 8 sec exposure.

This evening, just after ordering Steph a new iMac (using my faithful PC), her laptop promptly shut down of its own will (or lack thereof!). Taking this as a sign, we decided to abandon our work plans for a little night photography. As we hop in her car, she goes to put her bag in the back seat and discovers that the Jones soda she'd put in the seat holder had completely EXPLODED from cold (only the label was left in tact -- good to know). Grabbing gloves we attempt to clear the glass and ice out of the vehicle and then finally (mostly cut-free) we're on our way. The 1st stop was Davisville. A few lack-lustre cityscapes later we left and head over to the U.C.C. campus where the above image was shot. Froze the hands pretty badly holding the cameara to the car-turned-tripod, so we're thinking of getting a window-mount sort of tripod.

NEWS: This Thursday (Jan 19th) @ 7pm, In Transit - a gallery exhibition that captures Toronto on the move, opens at the Toronto Free Gallery. Presented by the good folks at Spacing, the exhibit will run until Feb 28th. 5 of my photographs will be featured in the show.

2006-01-17 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Toronto]  

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