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hula hula
hula hula

//hula girl (and what appears to be a giant squid) in the 'Cocktail Car', Albuquerque, NM. Nikon 8800

To offer a little contrast to the darker posts, here is one from New Mexico. Officially finished with Day 6 photos overnight... still days left to go. Thanks to an early bday gift from Paul, I now have a Pro Flickr account, so hopefully when I finished up with all the pics, I'll upload and print up a book with the Qoop service over there. Thought of publishing a booklet dedicated to the adventure to make available, but the production costs notch the price up a little higher than I think is worth it. We'll see.

NEWS: This Thursday (Jan 19th) @ 7pm, In Transit - a gallery exhibition that captures Toronto on the move, opens at the Toronto Free Gallery. Presented by the good folks at Spacing, the exhibit will run until Feb 28th. 5 of my photographs will be featured in the show.

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