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ciao antonio.
ciao antonio.

//Zi' Antonio's back garage door. Nikon 8800.

Those of you who follow the site may recall this image of the star up on my neighbour Antonio's garage. In the time since that late November post, Antonio had fallen ill and I've now received the news of his passing.

Decided to venture out back to capture a few photos of the place he used to spend his days. The garage, locked up and snowed upon, is probably still filled with the many bicycles he was always pulling from to make sure the one that carried him was the ultimate ride. The back door, pictured here, leads to his garden. He'd always be crouching over and emerging from that little door to tend to his vegetables. When I was a child he or his wife, Lucia, would always call me outside and hold their cupped hands over the fence. Receiving the handful, I'd find myself with dozens of fava-beans between my fingers which I'd sit, shell and eat fresh.

Don't have a single picture of him... guess he was always ducking into the garage. I do have THIS though -- a 24-year-old photo of his open door playing a backdrop to my older brother and me in the snow. ;)

2006-02-08 // Categories: [Rust]  [Toronto]  

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