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a Gardiner view.
a Gardiner view.

//Georgia in the back seat as we coast home on the ramps of the Gardiner. Nikon 8800.

I get great satisfaction out of salvaging images like this one. This was the sharpest shot in a series of about 5 I took while riding in the car... sharp, frankly, because it was the most underexposed(dark). Still, it had slight highlights which I thought there might be hope for, so I saved it. Later, in B&W, with a few doses of curve adjustment it was just what I'd wanted.

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day. I didn't take many pics yesterday as I wasn't feeling too well, but i did snap this shot of my v-day card.

LOTS OF NEWS: For those who volunteered to be part of the upcoming photoshoots, we'll probably be shooting the week of the 27th. You'll be hearing from me soon. P.s. there is always room for more volunteers.;)

Tonight is FUSE, a charity event with Atom Egoyan in which attendees will be screening his new film Citadel, as well as biding on some fantastic artwork (with all proceeds going to Sunnybrook!). I've donated a big 12x12" print of 'Nose Dive' to the cause.

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