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do-it-yourself curtains.
do-it-yourself curtains.

//rear view of an apt complex on Gerrard. Nikon 8800.

Was searching for material for an project yesterday and came across this photo, taken months back. Still make me laugh. These folks really cheaped out on their curtains. Maybe they're waiting for summer to buy from those guys who sell flags out of the backs of their trucks.

News: The Jones Soda site has been updated with new label proofs and such. I found my label listed in the Sept 2005 batch. Weird as I got the notification on Dec 26. Regardless, an intensive look around for labels i recognized led me to find that the current bottles I had here is part of the April & June 05 set... so there is still hope of finding the darn bottle. Any of the folks south of the border come across anythin?

2006-02-21 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [Toronto]  

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